SOLD OUT: The 4 Week Muse Bootcamp -Starting March 26th

SOLD OUT: The 4 Week Muse Bootcamp -Starting March 26th

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Here's everything you get when you enroll:

4 week Exclusive Business Coaching with access to replays, during our time I will teach you how to create content that books your calendar, sells your services/products ad positions you as the GO-TO Beauty Boss!

Week 1:
  • Mindset Shifts, Time to let go of those limiting beliefs holding you and your business back.
  • Play Your Position: Who are you, why do you do what you do?  Creating content that shows your personality & positions you as an Authority. PSST. RELATABLE Authorities get paid more.
  • Who's Your Girl?: Building your Target Client Profile, imagine being able to attract high ticket clients who connect to your brand, share it and most importantly buy what you're selling & serving!

Week 2

  • Map out your money, Let's plan your 6 Figure Year! I will show you exactly how to plan your annual profits based on your products and services.
  • Systems you need in place to run your business like a mogul!

Week 3
  • Launch it like ah boss. Have you ever been so excited about your new products and services, yet when you post nobody is booking or buying. This week we are covering Step by Step ANTI- FLOP Launch Strategies to launch your products and services seamlessly.
  • Going live: Hot Seat and Role Playing so you can be comfortable and confident on Instagram Live.
  • No Dry Captions Allowed: Training on how to craft captions to get your audience hooked, entertained and ready to snatch up what you're offering.  NO MORE CLICK THE LINK IN BIO
Week 4
  • Get Visual with it: Bomb training on how to create your brand visuals so you go from amateur to professional.



  • Bonus 1 : How to Build a Website on Canva!
  • Bonus 2 : Profit Planner so you can create your six figure profit plan.
  • Bonus 3 : Digital Social Media Planner so you can plan out your social media posts