Learn How to Teach Virtually

Learn How to Teach Virtually

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When the way you business currently operates is no longer an option how do you respond?

Do you disappear from your audience because you’re unsure of how you can serve them?

Or do you step up and pivot your business to serve them in a new and refreshing way?

The beauty industry had a huge wake up call these last few months. The need to diversify & pivot the way your business earns money is essential. Now is the time to Diversify!

Many stylists think diversifying means adding more services to you what you offer and this could be true. But when I say diversify I am thinking along the lines of doing things that will diversify your income so you can earn money passively or in ways that would allow you to spend less time behind the chair.


What's Included:

The Pre Recorded Virtual Workshop


What you'll learn:

All the tools and the tech you need to get started with teaching virtually, as well as how to outline your class lesson plan. How to set up Zoom for your virtual class and accept payments. How to set up a FREE WEBSITE in under an hour to advertise for your class.


Why is Chelsey the right educator to teach you this?

Creator of Two 6 figure businesses.

Over 7 years of business, marketing and social media experience.

Two successful national tours, Where I created the ADs, marketing and social media collateral.

Professional graphic and web designer.